July 19 (v1.10.0)

New features

  • Partnership: Join and earn 25% refer GasbyAI to a friend. Available on https://gasbyai.com/partner
  • [app] Finetune tool: A tool to finetune and manage files for your OpenAI account. Available on https://gasbyai.com/oai-finetune
  • [app] Chat with Docs: Ask question from pdf, docx, pptx. Not capable of sumarization but good at answer questions in the document. Not limit on the file size, doesn't use embeddings, and use very little token. Available on https://gasbyai.com/doc-chat
  • GasbyAI subscription: Use Gasby without OpenAI Key. Early bird deals available in $9, $19, and $29 tiers


  • [app] Image: Add crop, and outpaint ability
  • [settings] added better UI for choosing provider
  • Speedup loading time on startup
  • Improve code viewer for PHP (sometimes being cut off)
  • Support reading products from Amazon URL
  • Fix input width overflow when the link content is too long
  • Add download button for Document viewer in messag
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