Sep 14 (v1.14.0)

New features

  • Create custom apps: Create your own apps to generate response with sequence of prompts and data input (see video below for a demo). Available on
  • JSONL Generator: generate fine-tuning data file format from docs (pdf, docx, text file) for GPT 3.5 Turbo. Available on
  • Fine-tune is now using OpenAI new API. Available on


  • All models of configured providers is now visible on model command (using /model on the chat input)
  • Fix tooltip still visible when navigate to a different page
  • Improve response from some custom models/provider (ie delta not found)
  • Improve performance for large list (ie list of plugins)
  • Display response better (show table and minor styling improvements)
  • Docs updated, added how to set Proivder, generate finetuning data, finetuning a model
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