Oct 22 (v1.15.0)

New features

  • [plugin] Added perfect. Enter "perfect" at the beginning of your message to give better output
  • Added ability to summarise messages when the content get too long
  • Support transcribe long video/audio (automatically split into multiple files)
  • Added GPT-style messages (instead of bubble message style). This will be the default, and the setting can be changed in Settings > Style > Bubble Message
  • Generate Settings URL to import your settings in a different browser (available in Settings > Migration)
  • Gasby subscription users will now have access to 20 models, including GPT, Claude, PaLM 2 Bison, Llama, hermes, Synthia, etc. Big models like GPT-4, Claude-2 will have limited access
  • Vision is now available for all users. Free users will have limited access (to use it, attach the image into your message, and send your question)


  • Talk is now support OpenAI Whisper as the input provider (seems a little slower than if the browser support text-to-speech), custom Instruction, and Language settings
  • Translate is now support stream, with UI improved, without content size limit, added Download feature
  • Added Custom Prompts, Characters, API Provider settings for exported data
  • Added Download message button (when hover on each message in the chat)
  • Updated ChatGPT plugins list
  • Performance improved: chat message will show the recent messages, scroll down to load more
  • Improve websearch prompt to give better answer
  • Fix whisper unable to transcribe file
  • Improve light mode styles
  • Update settings layout
  • Token estimation will now only apply for the current conversation (visible when hover your mouse, between model name and current AI Character)
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