May 01 (v1.2.0)

New features

  • Added Prompt library
  • Added Voice input
  • Added handle content from Youtube URL (PRO)
  • Added New chat button (Ctrl + N to add new chat)
  • Auto generate title (settings)
  • Stream responses (settings)


  • Allow user to choose Output language (settings)
  • Disable/enable blur background (styles)
  • Hide welcome screen (styles, PRO)
  • Improved handle text content from any URL without blocking (PRO, free will still have access to any website that is not blocking)
  • Allow response to consider all messages in the conversation
  • Edit/delete messages


  • Upload pdf, docx, xlsx files in order to ask question, summarize, etc
  • Make transcribe, generate image more flexible
  • Remove npm command when installing self-hosted with manage account
  • Sync conversations, settings
  • Command palette (use / to access prompt, ai role, generate image, transcribe)

The self-hosted for Pro and Teams has been updated (available on your lemonqueeze purchase link), and will updating for Business license

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