May 08 (v1.3.0)

There was a major changes in the organize the code better

New features

  • Custom API endpoint
  • Showing estimate tokens
  • Organize chats with Folders
  • Duplicate/edit AI Character
  • Show/hide Welcome screen (PRO)
  • Bulk select to delete conversations
  • Revoke license (settings > scroll to bottom)
  • Chat display (will be used by default for Gasby browser extension)
  • Use "/prompt", or "/role" in the message box to find access Prompts and AI Characters
  • PWA (if you're on mobile, create a shortcut from your browser to access Gasby like a native app)


  • Fix text color for dropdown on Windows
  • Mobile: make buttons bigger, fix some button need to click twice
  • Generate image (please choose Image Generator from AI Characters, or start your message with "generate a photo of xxx")
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