May 15 (v1.4.0)

New features

  • Added support to choose model, output language for a particular conversation (use input suggestion)
  • Added support for upload and extract content for docx, xlsx, pptx files
  • Add estimate usage (only for chat messages, exclude other services ie dall-e, whisper)
  • Add more chat submission behavior (setting icon above the chat box): Choose how you send the message (on Enter, on 2nd Enter or on Shift+Enter)
  • More input suggestion:
      • /prompt to choose a prompt,
      • /role to choose an AI character,
      • /chat to navigate to a conversation,
      • /model to change model for the current conversation
      • /lang to switch output language for the current conversation


  • For chat suggestion, you can use arrow up/down to change options
  • Added tooltip for features
  • Move chats in/out of a folder (to rename a folder, press and hold for 2 seconds)
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