May 30 (v1.5.0)

New features

  • Added manage active devices (Green button at the top right)
  • Added Continue, Stop, Generate buttons
  • Added custom prompt panel (Prompt library > New)
  • Added option to set message background (instead of lime green by default) (Settings > Styles)
  • Added support to import typingmind exported data (Settings > Migration)
  • Added Code Anything Now AI Character


  • Folder: fix unstable, add edit button (no longer need long press)
  • Message: trip markdown when copy, fix error when code highlighting doesn't support a language
  • Fix app sometimes sluggish
  • Fix arrow up/down on the message input
  • Fix inconsistent when open/close menu
  • Some UI improvements here and there
  • Util Server (this server is used to extract content from URL, upload pdf, etc) was overload, I've upgrade twice in the past week
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