June 06 (v1.6.0)

New features

  • Sync (each active device must enable separately)
  • Web search: perform a search when your message start with "search"/"google", then use the content from search results to answer (require Google Programmable Search Engine API setup)
  • Extract keywords: when enabled, it'll extract top keywords, relevant keywords, longtail keywords for any answer with 3 sentences or more


  • Added support multiple placeholders for custom prompts
  • Added show prompt (when using a template)
  • Added button to generate AI character prompt when creating (based on AI Character title)
  • Added button to set a default AI Character
  • Added support to import conversations from OpenAI exported data
  • Added support background with color instead of image
  • Added Chinese output language
  • Not sending message when typing Enter + Shift if Chat submission behavior is Enter
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