June 13 (v1.7.0)

New features

  • Support message streams (ie. when you edit a message or regenerate response, it create a new stream, you can go back and forth between these streams)
  • Use a new local data storage (indexedDB, can store up to x200 more, see Storage Usage on Settings > Migration)
  • AI Character images (there are Human and Cute Creatures styles, you can choose it from Settings > Styles > Character style)


  • Fixed blank page when directly open gasbyai.com/chat/{chatid}
  • Added Customer Email Support AI Character
  • Cleaning up the prompt list (since some author added an instruction to add a link into the response)
  • Improved Regenerate/Pause/Continue generate sometime unstable

A proper documentation is on the way

Note: Since supporting message streams, and started using the new data storage, the app will run a process to migrate the database automatically. You'll see a message to download a backup data file (download and keep this file in case something go wrong)

The changes mentioned above has been updated for self-hosted PRO and Team (please update it from lemonsqueezy). I'm still working on the schema changes for self-hosted Business tier.

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