March 22, 2024 (v2.3.0)

Claude-3 models, profile photo and name, improved layout and colors, and more

Cool monkey

New features

  • Better Doc Chat app: support conversation history, better finding information and response, improved layout
  • Added Profile Settings. Set your name and profile photo to be used in conversation, available in Settings panel > Profile
  • Added Claude-3 models (Sonnet, Opus, Haiku)
  • Added Model dropdown on Chat window, with option to pin model favorate
  • Added Minimal chat style
  • Added temprature settings for custom character
  • Various improvements for layout and colors
  • Added bottom left menu (visible when the left panel is open)

A development version is available at All changes will be pushed to this site before going live to our main page.


  • Improved Settings Panel: replace top tab navigation with the left panel navigation, moved Default provider settings to Providers tab
  • Improved create/edit custom character panel
  • Prevent elements (ie Conversation settings, Stop/Continue/Regenerate) overlay by Chatbox
  • Show error when published conversation link is invalid
  • Fixed generate chat's title when using Claude models
  • Fixed OpenAI fine-tuned models name are missing

... to be added

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