AI characters

GasbyAI provides a library with 173 AI Characters (or Roles), contributed by the community. You can choose an existing AI Character, or create your own (available for Pro users).

Different with prompts, AI Character is defined personality of the assistant, defined in the system message. For example, you can set the conversation to be humor, by specifying AI Character as Standup Comedian. Then the responses will be in a more humor tone

AI Character library

To access the AI Character library, click on the current AI Character next to the hamburger icon (green icon, on the top left of the chat window). After find and select an AI Character, you can start chatting with the selected character.

When selecting a prompt, the chatbox will shows placeholders that available in the prompt template. Some prompts will have more than 1 placeholder. The value of placeholders will be replaced or keep blank after submitting.

You can show the prompt text by click on "Show prompt input" (arrow down icon, next to the close button) to show the whole prompt.

Quick access

You can also type "/role" in the chatbox to quickly find and select a character in the library.

Create your own AI Character

To create your own character:

  1. Click on AI Character library, then select "New"
  2. Fill in your prompt name, category, description, etc
  3. Click "Create" to complete

Now, your new prompt will be visible in the AI Character library.

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