Create custom apps

Most apps in Gasby's App Center work by getting user inputs, then go through the pre-configured prompt to generate output.

You can also create your own app, by create a prompt template, or a chain of prompts, and specify data inputs. Then GasbyAI will generate a UI, with defined data inputs and a button execute the your pre-configured prompts.

Check the following demo video

Demo of creating a custom app

Create your apps

A custom app has basic information, prompts template, and input template.

The following steps explain and guide you through the steps to create an app

To create an app:

  1. Go to Create an app
  2. In the Info tab, enter basic information (name, description, icon, url, etc). This is how your app will be displayed in the App Center
  3. In the Input data tab, enter Name of input (use lowercase alphabet letters with capitalCase or snake_case) and describe what it will be used. It'll generate a from with these data inputs, and will replace its value in the prompt according when running the app. Click Add input to add more inputs
  4. In the Prompts tab, enter Name of the step and its prompt. Click Add step to add more steps. When executing, each step will be run one after another. The result of each prompt will added into the response view. Note when sending a prompt, it will include the prompt and responses from the previous steps
  5. Click Create to complete.

Now, your app is created and you'll be navigated to the new app's URL

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