Generate JSONL for fine-tuning

JSONL is a multi-line data in JSON format. Most LLM use this format for data fine-tuning.

Gasby provides the JSON Generator tool to convert your PDF, DOCX or Text to JSONL format for data fine-tuning. At the moment, you can only generate JSONL format for GPT models

To convert your content file:

  1. Drag and drop or click "Upload" and choose your content file
  2. (optional) Set System message by click on the Edit icon
  3. (optional) Set User message by click on the Edit icon
  4. Click Download to convert and download your JSONL data file

It'll start download a ft-data.jsonl file, which can be used for fine-tuning

Note that adding System, and User messages is optional. Though it will give more information for the model, and might help produce better result in some cases.

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