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Websearch allows you to connect to a search engine, and access to its data. This is usefully to access latest content, or information that require sources. Currently, GasbyAI support Google Programmable Search Engine.

After setting up, you can trigger websearch by begin your message with "search". For example, "search latest new on OpenAI"

Setup Google Programmable Search Engine

To enable websearch with Google Programmable Search Engine, you'll need the Engine ID, and its Custom search API Key. Please login into your Google account, then complete the following steps

Create and get Engine ID

  1. Go to Programmable Search Control Panel
  2. Click Add to create a search engine. Fill in your Name your search engine (ie Gasby), then Search the entire web onWhat to search? section, and leave default on the Search Settings section. Then click Create to complete.
  3. After created a search engine, click on Customize (or go back to the control panel, and click on your new search engine). Under the Basic section, find Search engine ID (this will be your Engine ID)

Get your Custom search API Key

  1. Go to Custom Search Documentation
  2. Choose Get a key, choose or create a new project and click Next
  3. Then click Show key, you'll see your Custom search API Key

Setup websearch on GasbyAI

After completed 2 steps above, you should have your Engine ID and Custome Search API Key. Now:

  1. Go to GasbyAI.com
  2. Click on Settings (cog icon on the top right), scroll down to Plugins
  3. Check Enable websearch, then fill in the Engine ID and API Key

Now, you have completed setting up websearch feature

How does websearch works?

When enabled, you can trigger websearch by begin your message with "search"/"google", or end your message with "on the web"/"on google". The following examples will trigger websearch

  • search latest new about openai
  • google latest new about openai
  • latest new about openai on the web
  • latest new about openai on google

When you sent a message that trigger websearch, it will send your search phrase to the search engine (ie "latest new about openai" as the example above), then retrieves and crawl content from top results, and form the answer.

Because the answer is formed based on the top results, the usage token will be consume as many as the content + answer. You can specify how many sites to consider on the websearch settings (Max results)

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