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1 user (5 devices) Multi models *NewNo OpenAI usage 2000 message+ creditsNew 10000 message credits Chat with Vison Generate images Audio/video transcriptionAccess to all Apps
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1 user (5 devices) Multi models *NewNo OpenAI usage 10000 message+ creditsNew Unlimited message credits Chat with Vison Generate 50 images Audio/video transcriptionAccess to all Apps
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1 user (5 devices) Multi models *NewNo OpenAI usage 50000 message+ creditsNew Unlimited message credits Chat with Vison Generate 200 images Audio/video transcriptionAccess to all Apps
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Web search
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623 prompts
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173 AI Personalities
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- Multi models: Over 100 models available, including GPT, Gemini, Claude, Llama, Mistral, Hermes, Perplexity

- Message credits: Credits to use models that are not listed in Messages+ credits

- Message+ credits: Credits to use models such as alpindale/goliath-120b, sophosympatheia/midnight-rose-70b, openai/gpt-4-turbo, openai/gpt-4-turbo-preview, openai/gpt-4-1106-preview, openai/gpt-4, openai/gpt-4-0314, openai/gpt-4-32k, openai/gpt-4-32k-0314, openai/gpt-4-vision-preview, anthropic/claude-3-opus, anthropic/claude-3-sonnet, anthropic/claude-2, anthropic/claude-2.0, anthropic/claude-2.1, anthropic/claude-3-opus:beta, anthropic/claude-3-sonnet:beta, anthropic/claude-2:beta, anthropic/claude-2.0:beta, anthropic/claude-2.1:beta, neversleep/noromaid-mixtral-8x7b-instruct, anthropic/claude-1, anthropic/claude-1.2, haotian-liu/llava-13b, nousresearch/nous-hermes-2-vision-7b, mistralai/mistral-medium, mistralai/mistral-large, cohere/command-r-plus

What people says about Gasby

GasbyAI - Your fancy AI personal assistant | Product Hunt

10 Best Personal AI Assistants

David Suescun
CEO of Herbivore Protein

Great way to prompt! It's UX/UI is great, and Hieu has been adding features nonstop! I really like that I can use it for more than just text (like audio, video, images) 😊

Ruhani Rabin
Technology and Product Evangelist

It is one of the best out there in terms of UI/UX; the progress is really fast. Hieu is really responsive and very open to adapting ideas and validating them. I have compared with some similar tool in the space - it holds up pretty good

Duy Nguyen
App junkie

Love the UI and some thoughtfully built features. Saving and pulling up templates are very easy. Overall a very pleasant experience. Love that you can paste a url and get insights or ask questions without any plugins

KC Wong
CEO at IZen Digital Media Marketing Agency

Great founder! All the best! To the moon and beyond 🚀

Dhiraj Jha
Content Marketing Strategist

GasbyAI's got something that sets it apart from ChatGPT-- a Team Plan to cater to businesses and pros collaborating. This sweet feature enhances team productivity and communication, making GasbyAI the ultimate choice for AI chat assistants with badass teamwork support. ⚡ Don't wait-- secure a bright future for your business today.

Darren Osborn
Marketplace Guru

Ease of use, simple to customise prompts and create assistant profiles for both my work life and my personal life. It's becoming a permanent team member!

Mohan Niroula
Product Manager

Simple and user-friendly personal AI assistant that expedites your working pattern. It's great to see innovative new ideas being brought to life

Swapnil J
Co-founder at BetaLaunchpad

I'm genuinely impressed by this personal AI chat assistant that empowers you to get more out of OpenAI's capabilities! 🤖 GasbyAI unlocks a whole new world of enhanced features, making it an incredibly versatile and powerful tool for various tasks

HM Shuja
SAAS Fanatics & Software Tester

I am thrilled to have an incredible tool at my disposal that can extract text, summarize it, and even generate images. Gasby, the AI assistant, is simply amazing!


Great Developer, Great Tool, Awesome roadmap. Must Have if you are in the market for Chatgpt Wrapper. Will be much bigger than the coemption. And its price is most affordable at this time! get it now or regret later!

Henry Abraham
Tech Enthusiast

GasbyAI has become my go-to tool for daily use, and I have it installed on all of my devices. I must say that Hieu, the founder, provides exceptional support. The feel it gives with its UI/UX is truly a luxurious experience to use ChatGPT, like driving a Rolls Royce

Digital Creator

The founder is very responsive. He even remote access to my laptop to troubleshoot my problem.

Donald Chan
Husband, father, agency founder, digital marketing geek

More souped up than ChatGPT... that's like a cheat code, bro

Erdal Bayram
Founder of E2B Digital

This looks really cool, love the clean UI

Jean-Pierre Michael
an actor and voice actor

Gasby is great

Apipu Prutthirattanakul
Senior Analyst at Mercer Thailand Limited

This is solid

Simon Høiberg
Óscar Martín

and many more...

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