Connect to OpenAI

To set up Gasby with OpenAI, you'll first need to enable account billing and get your OpenAI API Key. Note that this is separated from ChatGPT Plus, you will still need to do the following.

1. Setup your OpenAI account billing

It's required to set up your billing info. Please skip in case you have already completed this step

  1. Go to OpenAI Billing Overview
  2. Click on Set up paid account, then choose I'm an individual. Then fill in your card info and billing information,
  3. Click Set up payment method to complete

Now, your billing is set

2. Get your OpenAI API Key

  1. Go to API Keys - OpenAI
  2. Click on Create new secret key, and enter the key name (i.e. Gasby).
  3. Then click Create secret key, and you will see your API Key (start with sk-xxxxxx)

This is your OpenAI API key, copy it and continue the following steps

3. Setup OpenAI API on Gasby

  1. On the site, click on the settings icon (on the top right) to open the Settings popup
  2. Under the Settings section, select OpenAI as the Provider
  3. Paste the key above into the OpenAI API Key. Click Test settings to ensure the settings are correct. Then click Save

Now, you've completed connecting Gasby with your custom API service and should be ready to start using Gasby

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